Rent Assistance Available – Up to $15,000


Enrollment is open! Until May 6th, brick and mortar businesses located in the City of Los Angeles can apply for rental assistance through the City’s Small Business Rental Assistance Program.

The Small Business Rental Assistance Grant Program will provide grants of $2,500 up to $15,000 to eligible businesses that need financial assistance to aid in their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses must be located within the City of Los Angeles and use the grants to cover some or all of any outstanding location rental fees.

The Small Business Rental Assistance Grant is funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) allocation to the City of Los Angeles. EWDD’s BusinessSource Centers (BSC) have qualified business counselors available to provide guidance and assist with review of eligibility, documents, and the application.

Application period open from April 18 through May 6 at 11:59pm. Find more information

小型企業租賃援助計劃現已接受報名!在5 月6日之前,位於洛杉磯市的實體企業可以通過洛市的小企業租賃援助計劃申請租金援助。

小型企業租金援助計劃將向有需要經濟援助的小型企業提供2,500美元至15,000美元的援助以幫助其從 新冠疫情中恢復營業。企業必須位於洛杉磯市內,並使用援助金支付部分或任何未付的店鋪租金。

小型企業租賃援助金是通過美國救援計劃法案 (ARPA) 撥款給洛杉磯市的。 EWDD 的商業資源中心(BSC)擁有合格的商業顧問,可提供指導並協助審查資格、文件和申請。