New Disposables Ordinance


The Disposable Foodware Accessories on Request Ordinance (187030) restricting the use of disposable products in food service went into effect on November 15, 2021, and affected food and beverage facilities that utilize third party ordering platforms in Los Angeles with more than 26 employees. On April 22, 2022, all other food and beverage facilities in Los Angeles must also comply with the ordinance.

Under this ordinance, food or beverage facilities may provide disposable foodware accessories and condiment packets to a dine-in or take-out customer ONLY if the customer requests them. Food or beverage facilities may not automatically provide disposable foodware accessories to drive-through or delivery customers, but may ask those customers if they want one.

Merchants using online ordering platforms or third party delivery services with online ordering must include an “opt-in” feature for the inclusion of disposable single use foodware. Unless customers opt-in to receive disposables, merchants shall not provide disposable utensils with the customers’ orders.