Don’t Dump

SEC. 66.03. Solid Waste Service Required.

(Added by Ord. No. 182,986, Eff. 5/28/14.)

(a) No person shall keep any solid waste, or allow any solid waste, excluding organics used for composting or mulch, to remain upon any premises within the City for more than seven days. All solid waste shall be placed in containers that meet the requirements of Section 66.02.

(b) Owners of commercial establishments and multifamily dwellings or the generator of solid waste at such premises or the agent of the owner or generator shall subscribe to and pay for collection services provided by a solid waste hauler authorized to provide such services pursuant to the provisions of this Article.

(c) The minimum level of service to which the owner, generator or agent shall subscribe shall be the number and size of solid waste containers suitable for garbage collection and the frequency of collection which is necessary for the removal and disposal of all solid waste generated at the premises, excluding commingled recyclables and source-separated material, in a seven-day period. Such minimum level of service shall be determined by the owner, generator or agent and the solid waste hauler. In the event the owner, generator or agent and the solid waste hauler do not agree on the minimum level of service necessary, such determination shall be made by the Director.

(d) All commercial establishments shall have collection services for source-separated materials or commingled recyclables.

第66.03節 固體廢棄物處理規定

(a) 任何人不得將任何固體廢棄物,或允許任何固體廢棄物(不包括用於堆肥或覆蓋的有機物)留在城市內的任何場所超過 7 天。所有固體廢棄物應放置在符合第 66.02 節要求的容器中。

(b) 商業機構和多戶型住宅的業主或此類場所的固體廢棄物產生者或所有者或產生者的代理人應訂購並支付由根據規定授權提供此類服務的固體廢棄物運輸商提供的收集服務。

(c) 所有者、產生者或代理人可訂購的最低服務水平必需考慮到每7天才收集的頻率,固體廢棄物容器的數量和大小,以及為清除和處置所產生的所有固體廢棄物,其中不包括混合可回收物和源分離材料。這種最低服務水平應由所有者、產生者或代理人以及固體廢棄物運輸者確定。如果業主、產生者或代理人與固體廢棄物搬運商未能就所需的最低服務水平達成協議,則該決定須由署長作出。

(d) 所有商業機構均應提供源頭分離材料或混合可回收物的收集服務。