Susan Simpson’s A Machine for Living

May 18, 2018 all-day
504 Chung King Court Los Angeles
CA 90012
$20 General Admission / $15 Members, Students, Seniors

A science fiction about enlightened aliens, botanical intimacy and the end of the body as we know it

Live Cinema performed with puppets

A Southern California artist absorbs errant extraterrestrial DNA and slowly evolves into highly advanced alien other. As she receives revelations from a distant planet her body transforms. She finds herself capable of a supernatural botanical reproduction that could transform the human race. Pursued as a biological terrorist she must decide her next steps.

All scenes are performed on stage with small-scale puppets, sets and hand-operated special-effects. The performance is captured by multiple cameras and mixed live to create a live film experience.

Video Design: Ting Zhang
Sound Design: Jesse Mandapat
Lighting Design: Moira MacDonald
Set and Puppet: Design Susan Simpson
Puppeteers: Molly Allis and Moira MacDonald.

Vocal Performances by : Anne Yatco and Samuel Camp

Show times
Fri May 18th, 8 pm
Sat, May 19th, 8 pm
Sun, May 20th, 4 pm
Sun, May 20th, 7 pm
Fri, May 25th, 8 pm
Sat, May 26th, 8 pm
Sun, May 27th, 4 pm

The project was made possible by a grant from the Jim Henson Foundation.