Kellesimone Waits + Patricia Sannit

January 20, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Tieken Gallery LA
961 Chung King Road
Los Angeles
CA 90012
Tieken Gallery
(310) 425-5367

Regular Gallery Hours: Thur – Sun, 1-6pm & by Appointment

Tieken Gallery LA is opening its doors this Saturday. Please come and join us on Chung King Road to experience the rich diversity of art being shown this month by the galleries that call this area home.

Tieken Gallery LA is a vibrant, new gallery featuring two stories of contemporary art.

Kellesimone Waits
Astrokitties: The Arrival

The female form and notions of femininity are a continuous focal point in my work as are physical, emotional, mental and allegorical transformations. Creating a narrative with this body of work I am exploring ideas of sexual freedom, shattered inhibitions, and bliss, as they can be related to: anonymity, chemical intervention and altered or obscured identity. In addition I am interested in the consequences of dependence upon outside sources for solutions to internal problems. My subject is a science fiction mythology I have created about Astrobunnies and Astrokitties. They are parasitic alien creatures that feed off of our ill feelings and excrete orgasmic bliss and feelings of freedom into our systems as they process our varied pains, fears and malice. The Astrobunnies come to Earth and they are creating a solution (however flawed) to our experience of our negative emotions and the consequences. It’s an outside, quick, easy, and strange solution to what runs through nearly all of us to some degree. After they leave us we’re left as empty shells, wandering around aimlessly until we die from hunger and exhaustion because we lack the will to care for ourselves without any fear, joy, or anything in between, to drive us. But there is a bleak sort of hope in sight with the arrival of the Astrokitties; the Astrobunnies now have a rival, a predator, something or someone who might keep them in check.  -Kellesimone Waits

Patricia Sannit
Life Flashing Before Your Eyes

Patricia Sannit is an artist who uses found and repurposed clay as a material to explore connections and coincidences in our shared humanity. Sannit has used this medium as the basis of a sculptural investigation connecting geologic time, archaeology and history across a multitude of cultures and epochs. Sannit’s installation is the culmination of a diaristic process that began last year in which the artist began connecting her practice to the welter of unfolding political and cultural events. Her process consisted of the making of bulbous head forms containing oblique references to specific events inscribed only through mark making and dating. Consequently, these forms have been fashioned into totemic figures and arranged with other biomorphic shapes and concrete forms. Sannit’s installation signals a newfound contingency exemplified through improvisational approaches to form and material. Fusing the artist’s muscle memory with collective memory, the installation plays with perceptions of the anti-monument and chance to exemplify our collective vulnerability and discomfort during challenging times.  -Phoenix Art Museum, Selig Family Chief Curator, Gilbert Vicario

Tieken Gallery LA is a vibrant, new gallery featuring two stories of contemporary art. The gallery is owned by artist Fred Tieken and his wife Gail Tieken who have maintained a contemporary art gallery in Paradise Valley, Arizona since 2015.

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