Jason Pulgarin’s CLASS WARFARE

January 12, 2019 – February 23, 2019 all-day
Eastern Projects Gallery
900 N Broadway Suite 1090
Los Angeles
CA 90012
Eastern Projects Gallery

Eastern Projects Gallery is pleased to announce Jason Pulgarin’s solo exhibition, “CLASS WARFARE”, running from Saturday January 12th to February 23rd. The opening reception will take place on January 12th from 6 – 10 pm, with a closing reception on February 23rd from 6 – 10 pm. This event is free and open to the public.

“CLASS WARFARE” – Noun; The struggle for the political and economic power carried on between capitalists and workers.

This collection is the exploration of the ongoing war between upper and lower class, told through famous renaissance paintings. History shows us that this struggle is nothing new, so historic masterworks have been deconstructed and broken down to their simplest form. With this Jason hopes to convey a series of emotions that tells a story of hope for the poor and the pursuit of power for the rich.

“I have modernized the traditional canvas, a tool mostly used by the aristocracy, with the use of a material most commonly associated with the undeserved, Spray paint.”

– Jason Pulgarin

The separation of upper and lower class is a continuous battle in all human cultures across the globe. With today’s political climate in Los Angeles, it sets a well lit stage to show the disparity between corporate opulence and working class struggle.