Fearless Paint

October 20, 2018 – November 20, 2018 all-day
Tieken Gallery LA
961 Chung King Road
Los Angeles
CA 90012
Tieken Gallery LA

Opening Reception, Saturday October 20th 6pm-10pm
Gallery Hours: Friday-Sunday 1pm-6p

The Art of Bibi Davidson and Fred Tieken

Bibi Davidson is an Israeli born, Los Angeles based artist whose illustrative-style works are allegorical representations of the chaotic and unsettling realities of her childhood.

Fred Tieken was born in a small, rural Illinois town on the Mississippi River during the Great Depression. He thought early on that there was more to life and his artistic endeavors have helped him to achieve a life he dreamed of.

With Fearless Paint, our last show of 2018, we strive to show how two artists from opposite sides of the globe and with very different influences have used art to settle internal conflicts by chronicling their lives through their art.