Boundary/Threshold – Charity Art Show

December 11, 2019 – December 14, 2019 all-day
Eastern Projects Gallery
900 N Broadway Suite 1090
Los Angeles
CA 90012

Save the date: 12/11/19 (6pm) ~ 12/14/19

NAC Architecture is very happy to announce our charity event in December – Boundary/Threshold.  This is a charity art show to raise funds to purchase laptops for students at Castelar Elementary School, our neighbors in Chinatown, Los Angeles. To raise funds, there will be a silent auction of art pieces by artists and architects including pieces by a few well-established Chinese-American artists: James Jean, Victo Ngai and Tommii Lim.

Boundary/Threshold is a transition between two different spaces. If a building’s façade represents the material boundary between inside and outside, then its openings become thresholds. The art of this exhibition explores the notion of this liminal state by examining visual relationships, purpose, geometry, rhythm, composition, aperture, color, materiality, context, and the impact of separating two, or more, characteristics.